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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Beyond Austerity</span>Beyond Austerity
By Stuart Holland

Beyond Austerity argues that the European Union already has the means to finance the equivalent of the Roosevelt New Deal, which saved the US from Depression in the 1930s, without needing either fiscal federalism or 'ever closer union'. This is highly relevant to the referendum on British membership of the EU. How can Europe's economic recovery be accomplished? The European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund can issue Eurobonds that do not count on the debt of EU member states, nor need national guarantees, nor require fiscal transfers between Germany and Greece or any other countries. Heads of state and government in the European Council have the right to define 'general economic policies' that the European Central Bank is obliged to support. The European Commission has displaced this important capacity, although the structure for European recovery was carefully assembled by Jacques Delors, its former President, in conjunction with the author during the 1990s. Who will make the first move beyond austerity and start to put Europe back to work?

Contents: Introduction; Chapter One: Democracy in Question; Chapter Two: Learning Up from the New Deal; Chapter Three: The Case for a Social Europe; Chapter Four: The Feasibility of a European New Deal; Chapter Five: Beyond a German Europe; Chapter Six: Regaining the Case; Annex: A Modest Proposal for Resolving the Eurozone Crisis; Glossary; Biographical Note; Endorsements of Europe in Question

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>Unmasking Austerity</span>Unmasking Austerity
Opposition and Alternatives in Europe and North America
By Dexter Whitfield

Paperback edition.

Sebastian Schipper, Bauhaus-University Weimar - IJURR, Vol.39 Number 3 May 2015

Edward Dingwall - Red Pepper, September 2015

Public Services International - June 2014

Dave Putson - Independent Socialist Networks
May 2014

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<span style='font-size: 14px;'>In Place of Austerity</span>In Place of Austerity
Reconstructing the economy,
state and public services

By Dexter Whitfield

In Place of Austerity uncovers the realities of commissioning, localism, 'big society' empowerment fraud, and the systematic undermining of public services and the welfare state. It perceptively exposes the scale of disempowerment, dispossession and disinvestment, and analyses the dominant rationale, which continues to underpin the financialisation and personalisation of public services, accelerating marketisation and privatisation on an unprecedented scale.

This is a vitally important book for trade unions as well as for civil and community organisations. It provides a critical understanding of the issues and will aid their intervention in transformation and procurement of public services by forging strong alliances, taking industrial and community action, and advancing alternative policies.

In Place of Austerity sets out a framework for policies that reconstruct the economy, invest in local economies, create jobs and rebuild public infrastructure. In doing so, it charts a new role for the state and offers a radical new public service management strategy. It is an equally important resource for all public sector employees. Incisive, timely and detailed, it is original in its research and analysis.

A paper by Dexter:
A paper written for Studies in Social Services, Li Bing, Vice Professor, Department of Sociology, Beijing Administrative College, China. Social services are at the forefront of the continued neoliberal transformation of public services and the welfare state in the UK. The paper applies the In Place of Austerity framework to examine the changes in social services. Paper in English and Chinese.

Bryan Evans in Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation Volume 7, Number 1, Summer 2013

Colin Burgess in Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

Dave Putson, TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

An article by New Left Project on G4S makes positive reference to In Place of Austerity, August 2012

William Podmore - Amazon

Andy Morton for Chartist, March/April 2012

Clive Singer for Open Democracy, Jan 2012

Nick Grant for Socialist Review, Jan 2012

A short review from IIndependent Action

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